Local Partners

1] MoU Between MJNUAST and SIDO:   In line with its long-term plan of operating innovatively by generation business-minded graduates and contributing to development of a commercial and knowledge farming and SME community, the University has signed MoU with the Small Industries Development Organisation.  The primary thrust of the partnership is to support collaborative schemes in business incubator and cluster initiatives for graduates, youths and other actors. 

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2]MoU between MJNUAT and Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children. The University has forged partnership with the then ministry to support community-development training and outreach programmes in support of STI generation and utilisation. 

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3] The university is in the process of developing partnerships with Research and Development Organisations, Ministries, NGOs and universities in line with its quest to best coordinate research and STI utlilisation in Tanzania.  Such partnerships are planned to be developed by end of 2016.     

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